Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas from Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink

A very merry Christmas to youuuuu
I hope this year was good for you. I had a lot of exitement and changes. I stopped the office job, went on national TV, became Uk's One and only Madonna, did shows around the globe.
Got confused about what to do next, started the inspiration experiment where I let myself be guided through inspiration. You can see it on www.inspirationexperiment.blogpsot.com.
From there I got inspired to work with Steve Trister on Edinburgh show THE GURU, which previewed at the Hippodrome and went to the Underbelly in Edinburgh. From there I decided to write my own show and started working on music parodies. You can hear them on www.myspace.com/madonabrink.

The project Mad-on-a Brink lead to write my plans for my own company...from there I am pulling together a fabolous team and started writing stand up comedy again.
Next year you can see Madonna-sor of live on stage in a comedy club near you, working the material, girl!!
I am looking for investment to create the full show and take it to Edinburgh in August. From there I would love to perform internationally i.e. Germany, US , you name it. The humour is international...
In the meantime I continue my life as Madonna-sort of, enjoying my Y-lister status at Celeb Bashes, the limosines, the drinks I don't usually have many of, the photos and the shows.
I am looking forward to a plethora of corporate bookings! ( Yes book Madonna Tribute Evelyne Brink now) as I cost only a fraction of the price of the real Madonna and I sing live. :-)
International corporate events are my main market as a Madonna tribute show can turn any event into a party in 3 minutes flat. People are dancing and singing along- there aren't many acts who bring together the generations as Madonna tribute.
Please forgive me if I mention my own name over and over, it's a Google thing. They cand find me better if I blow my own horn such as saying
Madonna Tribute Evelyne Brink works internationally for corporate events.
Lucky I don't impersonate someone really humble. That would look awkward. But as a Madonna Lookalike, I guess I can afford to go over board. :-)
Anyway, I would love to wish you a wonderful new year and please don't be shy to get in touch. Write us a comment or tell us your least favourite Madonna song. ( I know all the favourites)
And if you would like to hear more about live performances either Madonna or Mad-on-a Brink,
check this out:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink's Photographer of praise

In this wonderful job that I am in I have the honour of meeting some extraordinary people. I would like to introduce to you miracleworker, creator of dreams- Mr. Gary Coulson. Not only is the man an award-winning Photographer, he is a darling and kind hearted superhero. Check out what he's done on his website www.garycoulson.com. Below you will see pictures by Gary- with make up and hair by Sarah Swaine.
I love the way Gary works with the light and his professional and generous personality make it a delight to work with him. I really enjoyed it and I can only recommend working with him. Madonna Tribute Evelyne Brink loves new pictures especially when they are of this quality. Gary is amaaaazing, if he can do this for me, think about what he can do for you!!

The works of his session will be in my new upgraded website soon! One step at a time. First I would like to share a few of the pictures here.
Please feel free to give some feedback!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Madonna's divorce

It's a big peace of news and not really the biggest surprise but nevertheless I feel for Madonna and Guy. 7.5 years is quite a while to be together in showbiz world especially.
"Until death do us part" should be changed. Death rarely is what brings people apart. It's more life that seems to be getting in the way.

I believe it must be a huge relief to let the cat out of the bag finally. After all, did you really believe she bought a house to put only a gym into it? By all means it might be the main feature but you can get a gym without a house. I thought it was also a getaway place with a good excuse and an easy way as kids can go back and forth.

According to Madonna's brother Chris, Kabbalah has kept them going for longer than they possibly would have without it. As kooky as it may be, it provided a spiritual common ground and especially when it comes to couples so different from each other as in Madonna 's and Guy's case, that is hugely important.

Love, attraction and longlasting relationships can be 3 seperate entities. Sometimes they come together. In earlier days, one would pull through. So marriages lasted longer. But at what cost? In earlier days, women had to take it, men would take it, nowadays the paradigm has shifted. Life becomes more of a "what do I want" and "what choices do I make". I think that's a good thing but it does mean that a relationship might not last as long. At the end of the day, what is more important- to pull through a relationship or to be happy with your life?

Ideally the two exist together and because of each other. It takes a lot of commitment and willingness to make relationships work. Listening to each other's needs and accepting each other for who you are. It's oh so much easier said than done. But regardless of how easy or not it is, it is the foundation of a good relationship. Therein lies our choice.

I really hope Madonna and Guy can come to a peaceful settlement although I don't see "the easy way out" as a typical Madonna option. I guess she will stand her ground- unless the woman we see in the press is essentially different from the one behind the scenes.

I got upset reading the news, I suppose feeling quite close to Madge at times means I feel and empathise for her. I was so happy she had found love and a stable relationship, motherhood, a "normal " life...But she needs to feel free and be happy with it as well. My fear of course is- if she gets divorced, will I ever be able to be in longterm happy relationship?

And the answer came in form of my loving partner laying his arms around me saying: "babe, you are not her, so you can do what ever you want and I am here and I love you.
There is no point identifying with Madonna. You are only singing her songs, you are not living her life."

Spending a fair amount in her skin, it's good to take the time to reflect. So now I am being asked and interviewed about how I feel about this.
And here is what I would like to say:

I wish Madonna all the best for her new era. And Madge, if you read this and would like to pop round for a cup of tea, please make sure to let me know.
Madonna is a huge star with all the glory and glamour yet she is also a woman with a heart and this time can't be easy for her. Nor for Guy-though I don't feel as close to him.

I believe it's better to love and let go than to hold on in grief and anger. My parents separated when I was 5 years old and I know how painful it was but it was so much better than the arguments beforehand. The children whose parents stayed together "the the kids sake" suffered so much more. Divorce is never easy, relationships aren't always smooth sailing. Respect for making it through 7.5 years and giving it a good go. Being honest to yourself is the only way to be.

I am available for discussions and comments about Madonna and Guy's divorce, her secret to her longstanding success and how seperation affects a family.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can hear me speak about Madonna soon on BBC Radio 2 in special about Madonna by

Jhonny Kotsiofides.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink's Recommended Photographer

There is so much choice when it comes to photographers these days and sometimes choosing a photographer is like a walk through the jungle. Everyone seems to offer everything, so who do you trust? How do you choose?
Word of moutch and personal recommendation is the best way to find the quality you are looking for. Today I would like to recommend Photographer Keith Hern who took a series of photos for me. Keith is a great photographer- I was particularly impressed with his travel imagery and picture composition. He has a really good eye for that. Plus, he is a genuinely nice man. Which is important because you need to feel comfortable in front of the camera. A dedicated family man with an inspiring story, you can trust that he is 100% professional, honest and good to work with.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink in the Press

INTERVIEW with Madonna lookalike Evelyne Brink
click here to read

Madonna lookalike Evelyne Brink proudly posing with Borat. Who else?!

click here to see video I did for THE SUN
ok I wasn't on page 3 but I think that's a good thing!!

More to come later....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I facebooked Madonna

Oh my Gaaaad. Madonna is on Facebook. I added her as a friend with a short personal message along the lines of hi I am your UK tribute as seen on BBC1. She accepted me, "you are now friends with Madonna RItchie"
I wrote a message. I wrote a message to Madonna. Can you believe it? she has 100 friends on Facebook. Only a matter of days until the fans have swamped it all but I thought maybe, maybe, maybe she is really behind it and maybe she will read this letter. Who knows?!
This is what I wrote.

Hello Madonna,

I wonder...are you looking at your facebook yourself or is someone professional behind this page? would make sense if there was of course, though I could see you enjoy this site as it brings you close to real people whilst keeping you safe.

sitting in a hotel room somewhere- france- and having a look...hmmm. I would if I were you...

I am asked a lot if we have met, because as your impersonator, it fascinates people to know what the real deal thinks about her tributes. Graham Norton told me you watched the show "the one and only" - I don't know if that was more fun or real but the thought that you might have does excite in a strange way. that sounds odd- I didn't mean it like that.

Sometimes I imagine you sitting and watching- keeps me on my toes performance wise I must say. I went to Edinburgh this year to launch myself from Madonna impersonator to Music COmedienne and one performance thought Guy was sitting in the audience- this guy looked very much like him. My heart stood still. The thought about it all makes me laugh now.
My guy was watching- Guy Thomas as he is known when I am out or Tomtom when we are together. He is wonderful, so no - to answer another popular question, I don't want Madonna's husband,he is hers. I sing her music, I don't live her private life.

People ask funny things. Well, who am I telling...

I hope you enjoy your tour- a hectic and yet sometimes lonely experience, full of what you are best at and yet probably missing home life as well..
You have a very special life...and thank you for that- mine is quite intriguing thanks to you as well- from international gigs with bodyguards and orchestra to dancing on a bar in Beirut to performing for dinner and tribute at a Holiday Inn in Hemel Hempstead. People love you and what they connect you to. We've grown up with your music and it's an honour to be able to bring that back to people- I had my boots licked, people screeming and having a great time. It's strange because when they applaud, they applaud you. And me "doing" you. I do Madonna- not many people can say that. ;-)

I admire that you study- be it art or Kabbalah, striving to learn and grow is what I love. Searching for the light and bringing it to shine. I believe we come from love, and we have a great opportunity on this earth in this life to generate more of it, share it, bring it out- that is true creativity. Many emotions exist, many we try to rid ourselves from, but love we can actually generate.

I am of a Jewish background, German and jewish. My grandmother was in Ausschwitz, my greatgrandfather died there. My grand dad was responsible for the reconcilitation money for the jews in NY. When I went to NY, I lived close to where you were. I had one contact- in the music building. I had no clue about these connections. People told me. They told me I reminded them of you, they told me this is the place you had your manager, record deal, you name it. I met the people who carried water bottles for you and sold you vegetables. They talked my ears off. I had a partner in the UK- a personal trainer. I moved to London..it wasn't to imitate you but it turned out to be.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you with endless tirades, you are touring and if you are reading this yourself, I am honoured and wish you all the best, peace in your heart. And that flower of happiness well watered. \
If you are not reading it yourself, I hope whoever is has got a smile on your face. Life is for living, enjoy.

Best Wishes,


Let's see if she pings me back?!

Friday, September 12, 2008

sticky and sweet ? Madonna in Wembley

For the first time EVER I got to see Madonna live.
Never have I spent more to see a concert though i only got a standing ticket. I have never been to Wembley before, I just have it on my dreamboard as the ultimate goal...

4pm I started queuing with my friend Jo, a hugely talented singer from the swingle singers.
We had some bubbly so time went quickly or at least it felt that way. 6:30pm we got in and rushed to find our standing position in the pitch.

So from there we stood in one place until 23:10 when the whole thing was over. No drink, no wee. Painful. I was so exited to see Madonna I didn't mind. At least that's what I told myself. When you are at a big exiting event in your life, you will go to lenghts to make it feel special and good. We were guessing her support act and at some point Paul Oakfield (DJ) played some tunes and disappeared again. waiting. waiting. No support?! Some say Madonna doesn't' need a support act. I say the audience does!!

She came out at 21:10 and we all got so exited when the lights went out in the stadium and on on stage. But it was that time that I realized I wasnt' actually going to see the show. I couldn't see anything. Lights at the top. That's it. Disappointed faces around me as well as everyone under 1, 70m had no chance to even catch a glimpse of what is the Queen of Pop. I saw 3 minutes of Madonna at most. I failed to get happy about that. I watched a screen-when I could. That doesn't reflect the stage concept, the way the lights and set works with the dancers. The interplay of Madonna, her band and all that... I just saw close ups of people on a screen. I get more from watching youtube.

She didn't talk to us much. She has an amazing energy and an amazing level of fitness, I loved some of the arrangements but I wasn't involved. I was trapped in a herd of kettle watching something far away somehow but yet not being really part of it. I thought a big concert like this has an amazing vibe that you don't get on TV. But I didn't feel it. People seemed more concerned with trying to see something, holding their mobiles up. I saw a see of mobiles recording the moving dot over there that was Madonna.

She is ickle, I am ickle, Wembley is f***ing huge.

The fans didn't go mad, some people in their seats were standing and dancing but most were sitting. It was weird. I liked the Keith Herring animations, I liked the rock arrangements, I absolutely love the way she mixes her old tunes with her new ones for example, she was playing the intro from 4 minutes and sang Vogue over it. That is absolute Genius and you can only get that at the concert. You can't buy that, it's an insider treat and it's soooo appreciated. I would like to listen to that again. I can see how that would inspire her to Vogue it up again. After all, she's sung the song for donkeys years. I have been singing it for years and I do it pretty much every show because EVERYONE loves Vogue so it was really refreshing for me to hear it that way. I would love to sing it in that arrangement but the people who book me will expect the "original sound". Hey ho, the new arrangements are the Queens priviledge.

I like the idea of her playing more live music but she overdid it. I prefer when she shakes her fabolous booty, gives us attitude, empowers us, makes us want to be better people and strive for excellence.

Give me the best dancers of this planet, let them dance their hearts out at the peak of their career that they then owe to you, give us the time of our lives. Please don't stand there too much with a guitar.

The video screens with Justin or Pharell on it, to me it was a bit naff- and that's weird saying that because it's probably a very high tech expensive installation but it didn't do it for me. Which is probably because I watched a screen and I saw a dot wriggling in front of a screen thingy in the distance when I jumped up.

The live singing wasn't great. I didn't expect it to be amaaaaazing. I expected it better than that though. She made it too obvious when it wasn't live. When you stop singing, we should hear the difference. And we did. Her voice was louder when she stopped singing and continued happily.
When she sang, she screamed sometimes, she strained sometimes and she went off. Outch.

I realized how hard I am on myself when I sing live. Her voice is always doubled up or tripled up and she will not sing through a whole show. I do. But admittedly I can't dance just as exhaustive as Madonna does, I don't have a great team of dancers and choreographers behind me and even if, you would see the difference for sure.

Some people recognized me, one girl didn't know who I was but freaked as she told me I looked like Madonna and took a picture with me so she could put it on facebook that she met Madonna at the concert. In the tube, people were turning heads and talking to each other. It's a strange thing. I know they are talking about me sometimes and I am probably making it up the other times!

Back to the real McKoy.
I wish she would have said something nice to us in London, smiled, connected with us, making us feel appreciated. I found her cold and though energetic, it felt flat.
I know as much about her now than I did before seeing her live. I wish she would have shared herself with us. Just a bit, Madge!

She is on the top of the world and has all possibility to bring us something devine, something empowering, something! But she didn't.

I learned something else: you have to experience some things to understand them. I have Wembley as my big dream on my board. I learned that Wembley really doesn't do it for me.

If I was on stage and looked at that sea of people I would do my thing but I really really really love connecting. Connecting and sharing with my audience.

My goal is to play to 400 people at a time. 1000 people. 5000 people. I want to make sure they are having a really good time they can cherish forever. The audience makes a concert special with the performer, this is what i am going for, if I haven't done it before from here on.

My goal is also to move from being UK's Nr 1 Madonna Impersonator to becoming Nr.1 Musical Comedienne. I want to be more me. After all, she is!

So thank you Madonna for helping me seeing this clearer now. Thank you for being out there and doing what you do, because noone has EVER done it like you. Thank you for not being perfect. Thank you for keeping up creating cool looks and tunes. My job wouldn't be half as cool if you weren't.

Much love,


Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Madonna

Madonna is turning 50 on the 16th August 2008! Happy Birthday Madge!
The govenour is turning 50- celebrate!!
How amazing is she these days? I was asked to get onto BBC breakfast this morning, ended up on BBC radio Birmingham and BBC radio 3 counties to talk about Madge, if I think she is too old now, if she is loosing her Vogue and what it means to be Madonna.

We live in a crazy world in which we assume that to be a great singer and performer you must be young and beautiful.

I understand we like young and beautiful people, but the human voice and in fact skills develop with practice and experience over time!
So she is much richer in all senses now that she was.
Madonna is amazing at 50- rarely if ever have we seen anyone like her and that is inspiring finally not only for teenagers but for the grown up generation as well.

And trust me we need it after 30 or 40
Finally someone who shows us that life isn't over at 29!

We need it! I need it. I have been feeling "getting too old" since I was 22! Now that might sound crazy to you but when you apply to acting schools who take on people between 18 and 23- you are running out of time.
Then doing pop music at 23, 24- you are old because a young act is usually between 17 and 21. Well Madonna was 25 when she finally broke through and in those days that was very old!

This world is crazy!
The big 30 is just big because of our lifestyles of burning candles both ends, doing silly "young" things that our society sees as cool such as destroying our braincells with substances, loud music and little sleep and when we come to our senses we think we are getting old.

Madonna sets a great example for us to see that hard work does pay out, that discipline goes a long way and the right team is vital to run an empire.
I am glad she's around to show this young obsessed society that age is not defined by years but by mental attitude.

My granddad- I have written about him before- left us at the age of 98. I remember going on the bus to the airport with him when he was 90 and he wouldn't take a seat. I said: granddad sit down- he replied: I am not that old!

That's the spirit! Stop whining about age and start living life. We had a big hit in Germany called "life really begins at 66"

People of this world, let's celebrate life. It's Madonna's birthday, we are alive and kicking and the queen of pop is wearing her crown proudly.

I am at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival living my dream, performing in co-written show THE GURU. Stretching my Madonna impersonator profile into Musical Comedy. THat's where I am heading...watch this space for my one woman show MadOnA Brink coming up soon.

IF you want to celebrate Madonna's birthday in style with a tribute performance, please contact my team on www.madonnatribute.com!

Best wishes

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello everybody!

Please check out my latest project..i am very exited about this show.
THE GURU has been written by Steve Trister & Evelyne Brink (meeeee)

Guru John Popolini will be performing his ground breakingly ground breaking, ultimate success seminar in London at the Leicester Square Hippodrome on Mon 30 June, Tuesday 1st July and Wednesday 2nd July. Watch the videos below to find out more details and see the master in action.
Starring - Guru John Popolini the world's #1 success guru and Evelyne Brink the UK's #1 Madonna impersonator as seen on BBC1's 'The One and Only'.

Are you ready to laugh at the world of training, seminars and self- proclaimed experts? This is the ultimate spoof seminar. Learn to become a credit card millionaire, build long lasting relationships in 30 seconds and master high impact intimidation techniques. All this in less than 60 minutes!

Get the full flyer here

only 40 of 250 tickets left! Book Now!!

Mingle with celebs and high profile individuals with a champagne reception and after party @ 8.00pm on Wednesday 2nd July 2008.

A limited amount of tickets are only available via our ticket hotline at £50 per seat.

Ticket Hotline (mon-fri 9am-6pm) 08448 843 282
Calls cost 5ppm from a BT landline other networks may vary
NEW DEAL 2 for £20 (1 for £15) call the ticket hotline now!


your happiness, your success, my teachings" GJP

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Madonna on the Isle of Sheppey

Madonna got signed to do 2 gigs in Dubai for £12million. I got booked to sing at a Holiday Park on the Isle of Sheppey. That’s success.
I am a holiday park virgin. I know many people have said that you can do very well for yourself playing the parks and there are many of these establishments out there…
I must admit having started my singing career in the Hyatts and Hiltons, national theatres and NY prime cabaret venues, I was in for a real treat…

My dinner choices consisted of Fish and let’s see…chips! And I just couldn’t decide.

I witnessed a girl getting bullied by a boy on a bike “ so you think you’re untouchable?” He proclaimed, and proceeded by counting the rings of fat on her body out loud.

It’s that kind of situation that makes me cringe and think I should tell him off but I am too scared him and his friends might carry knives or something…
Is it crazy to think like that?
These kids just looked sooo bored.

We ate in front of Las Vegas- a playhall with slot machines. And we counted our blessings.
Guy Thomas and me. And went to the sea. We had a lovely romantic walk at the sea.

How was I going to perform and interact with my audience?

The management was extremely nice. Lovely guys.
The Bingo was in full swing when we got to the venue and we caught the last act of the Britain’s got talent final.

The hot rollers warming up, I warmed to “an audience with Neil Diamond”- kind of nice to have a Saturday telly experience while out to work.

10pm- it’s showtime. 15 children huddle in front of the stage. 200 adults hide safely behind a lager. A huge empty dancefloor lies between me and the crowd.

I start with my stretching routine which gets me friendly with the blokes and maybe not so friendly with the ladies, who knows. The pink leotard is a crowdpleaser.

The kids want to dance, so up on stage you come. 3 of you at a time.
They did so well. So what’s your name? Abbey.
Well done Abbey that was great. You are really cute. Can I adopt you?
Anybody else who would like to be adopted by me?
The kids scream: meeeee
That is so easy! Why does Madonna go all the way to Africa if kids are up for grabs here for free?
The parents laugh. Brilliant. Now we have a bond.

It was a really fun evening. The people were absolutely lovely. It’s fascinating to get to know your audience. They seemed miles apart from me when I started and we warmed to each other until the applause went on and on…

I am definitely coming back. I enjoyed performing to a crowd that wants to be entertained. I enjoyed they wanted to be talked to.
The kids wanted to share the experience and dance with me.

Madonna doesn’t know what she is missing.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It was an amazing experienced to be elected Nr 1 "ONE AND ONLY MADONNA" ON BBC1.
Here is a summary of the shows...

see you round like a donut!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tribute to Madonna Evelyne Brink in Turkey!


Yeah Baby, I am off to tour in Turkey! The guys who hired me have dealt with Bill Clinton, the real Madonna which means they are now ready to get me on the road!
If you are around, please join us to 80s Madonna nights in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir...

Don't tell me to stop.
Please don't say you're sorry.


The slowest marathon runner and his Celebrity doubles

This Sunday, Greg finished the London marathon after 8 days and nights. Unbelievable but true, this man has been slow dancing through London to raise money and awareness for children charity "get kids going" so that they can supply wheelchairs for disabled kids. He says these kids have a slow life and compared to that being slow for 8 days was a little task... well I can only say: WOW.
what a cool guy, what a great idea, what a great way to do it.
On the left you see Madonna lookalike Evelyne Brink and Tom Jones tribute Ian Scott.

So yesterday, some of UK's top lookalikes gathered to meet him and dance him though the last stages of the marathon. We had Derek Williams as Sven Erikson, Ian Scott as Tom Jones, a cool Elvis and me of course.

We even got our faces on the BBC news at 6:30. Slowmo Greg and me dancing through the finishing line.

Below are videos of the event. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She looks like Madonna, she sounds like Madonna, she is not Madonna

Evelyne Brink tells us about life in the groove, confidence and the Queen of Pop

You have been chosen to be the “one and only Madonna” on a recent BBC programme. How was that for you?
It was great fun, amazing to be chosen and a fantastic spring board for me.

Why Madonna?
I just don’t look nor sound like Tina Turner.

Do people on the street turn their heads when you walk by?
I hope so!

When did you decide you were Madonna?
I am not Madonna. I am Evelyne. I play tribute to Madonna and that started 2002 when I applied at a look-alike agency after so many people kept telling me I reminded them of the queen of Pop. What was I to do? Actually when someone suggested I should do a tribute act I said : nooo way would I do that. I write my own songs. Why would I sing someone else’s?
And the lady said: you see, you even have the attitude of Madonna!

Does Madonna know about you?
She is a woman in the know.

What does she think about you?
That would be for her to say- and I am curious to know. I have only talked to her in my dreams and I guess that’s not the same.

You left the competition quite early- were you disappointed to loose?
I have never met anyone who likes to be voted out but I am good at loosing, I have done it before. As I said on BBC breakfast: In my eyes I have won. Never in my life have so many people voted for me and never before did I have this opportunity. I am UK’s “One and Only Madonna”. Celebrate!

Madonna is the queen of Pop and the queen of reinvention. Are you a Queen?
You bet. I am the Queen of Confidence. I am the Queen of my castle. Other than that I am a Diva.

You say you are a Diva. Does that mean you have a huge voice and throw tantrums?
It means I am a delightfully indulgent verbal acrobat or a deeply inspirational vocal ambassador. You choose.
Tantrums optional. I charge extra for those.

Do you like commanding people around?

You are not Madonna, what have you got to show for yourself?
I have a lot to show for myself, I have shown too much for myself, I’d like to show it to the world now. I am a songwriter and a trainer. I teach confidence and creativity as well as walking my talk by creating music and writing.

What makes you special?
I guess my energy and confidence is unique and what people recognize the most. It is said that once you met Evelyne you know you met Evelyne. That used to be the tag line when I was in the licensing business. Evelyne is the one you will always remember.

Are you as confident as Madonna?
I haven’t met Madonna as a person yet. What I know of her is that she is a deeply confident woman. To me confidence has 2 parts. Inner confidence- what a person really believes about themselves and outer confidence- the beliefs and feedback they take on from the outside.
Madonna always comes across as very much in the know about her greatness. In the last years, she has softened which to me shows even more confidence. It takes great strength to show weakness. The more open you can be in public, the stronger you have to be inside- it’s crucial for your sanity. Open by the way doesn’t mean to spill your beans and dish the dirt. Open is a quality of being. How much you dare to show your honest feelings.

Madonna has a very strong front, she is very clear in her persona.

I don’t think I am like that. I am softer and my priorities have been more inward than outward. Though I wanted to be successful, I have looked after my health first. I had my challenges. I always admired Madonna for her stamina and physical fitness. I am working on mine and have improved so much over the years. I am someone who has been told she couldn’t be a singer because of voice problems and she wouldn’t be dancing because of physical problems.

Madonna is a mentally healthy person considering her life- that is amazing. It takes a lot to create mental stability if you are a sensitive person. Confidence has its part in that, too.

How do you compare confidence?

I am probably better at doubting myself than Madonna. I spent years learning in the spirit of “ am I good enough?” and “ will I ever…”

What can we expect of you?
Only the best.
You can expect a lot of creativity from me. In the sense that I will always be doing something that inspires me and hopefully others. I find the most gratifying way to live by following what I love doing. As fluffy as this may sound, it’s the best way to live for me. I have tried to do what makes sense and how I thought it should be done. I have tried discipline and forcing myself in the name of professionalism.
It hasn’t gotten me particularly far and it promotes struggle. I am done struggling. I mean that from the inside out. I am all for finding your flow.

What does that mean specifically?
You will hear my music.
You will see me on TV in presenting roles, ideally in the well-being/comedy/music sector.
You will find seminars/workshops/lectures on confidence and inspiration
You will see me become a mum in the next years (how exiting would that be?)
You can find me and my latest materials online as I love promoting life in the flow and empower others to find theirs. For example, check out my inspiration experiment where I explore what happens if you surrender your life to inspiration for 1 month. www.inspirationexperiment.blogspot.com

Does that leave a lot of time for your Madonna tribute act?
I think the Madonna show is a good launch pad. People know who Madonna is and appreciate I can do her stuff. I am open for bookings.

As someone backstage of the BBC said: you do a really good Madonna. And I am a huge Madonna fan. I love Madonna.
But I like Evelyne even better.

Following my flow means taking each day with gratitude and letting my gifts unfold. It’s not fair on anyone to hold back on your gifts.
Marianne Willamson said it beautifully: we are meant to shine. We were born to manifest the glory of God within us. It is not just in some of us. It is in each and every one of us.

Are you religious? Do you do Kabbalah?
I consider myself spiritual. I am aware of energy. To me there is source energy and I believe it is Love. I call it God- it means love/source. It’s not a person but it’s a very personal experience. I am looking into Kabbalah, funny enough I am actually of Jewish origin so I might as well check it out. On the spiritual level, all religions come together to teach the path of love. So which ever works best, is good to learn from. There are many teachers on this earth. You don’t need Kabbalah, but if it makes you a happier, lighter, more fulfilled person, please go for it. It definitely did Madonna some good as far as I can see.

Where can we find your music?
Look up Diva Eve on itunes or amazon and you will find material. My new stuff isn’t released yet but I am looking for a good record company to work with.
My latest tracks aren’t released yet but you can hear them on www.myspace.com/divaevemusic

How is your music different from Madonna?
My songs are lyrical pop- very melodic, quite quirky I guess. I am bit more niche. My target audience is probably women 25plus. People who are going through changes in life. My songs are about values and the meaning of life. Well…I guess “ smelly armpits” and “ the song to sing along when everything goes wrong” – hang on. They too give an insight into the meaning of life. Doesn’t every song in a way?

What would you like to tell Madonna if you met her?
Thank you.
For helping me move forward when I felt low- I didn’t want to go for a run but because of you, I did. I had bookings and that gave me the kick.

Thank you for having great songs in your repertoire. It really helps. Thank you for being such an interesting person to impersonate.

Thank you for being honest to yourself. I find that inspiring. Thank you for not holding back.
Thank you for proving that a healthy life style pays off. Thank you for keeping yourself well. Thank you for inspiring me to be me. I have learned so much from you and I don’t even know you.

What do you think she’d say to you?
Hmm. Best case: Thank you for shining your light. We should do something together, I think we got a few things in common. Wouldn’t it be cool if we launched a project together to empower and inspire children here and in Africa? Would you be up for that?
Also I love your songs, can I sing some? Or would you want to perform them with me?
Worst case:
Shut the f*** up. I am not interested in you.

Thank you for your time.
I thank YOU for the opportunity. It’s been delightful.
Stop it.
I don’t want to! I mean it

Madonna-sort of at Crystal Palace

Last Saturday saw me spreading my wings for the eagles...
Read all about it here:

Monday, January 21, 2008

The one and only

I recently embarked on the exiting journey at UK's ONE AND ONLY Madonna on BBC1.
after fabolous media coverage on Richard & Judy, Smooth Radio. the cover of Daily Mail magazine and BBC breakfast, I have now left the show....
Here is a little interview conducted by my imaginary reporter.

How does it feel to have left the competition? did you expect that?

I felt much calmer and cheerful than I expected. I cherished the time I have spent in this production and learned heaps. So I am not Britain's greatest tribute act- I think I can live with that. I have already won- I was chosen to be the one and only Madonna! In my never quite humble opinion that is outstanding!

Did you expect to go at such early stage?
No absolutely not. I saw myself going all the way. i visualized it and I gave it a real shot, training before the rehearsals, no drinking, early nights, the whole thing.

there were challenges from mic levels to family loss via etc. but I am not interested in excuses or reasons. The decision wasn't in my hands.

I got to face my darkest fear which is going out to do it and getting rejected/ loosing.
So many people dream of living their dream and yet we think but what if I go out and fail? and that's where it stops. I personally have a master degree in day dreaming.

I have done it now. and I realize: I am alive. maybe more alive than ever. It's amazing.

But it must have been hard to get voted out? or did you find it fair to go?
this competition isn't about being fair. It's about who gets the most votes. I didn't want to go and looking back at the performances I don't think I should be the one out but it's not my decision. so I am going from disappointed to accepting, from angry to sad to being fine and grateful and then reverse it. But please don't feel sorry for me, think about my boyfriend!!

What about the life changing opportunity to go to las vegas? Graham Norton calls it shattered for ever...
so the dream of going to las vegas is shattered now.
so that would be a good time to wake up then!
I got to be on the show, i worked hard which the team appreciated, I took real risks, I went way out of my comfort zone in my perfomance and I got to let go of the strange inhibition that holds most people down from even performing.

Do you think you've failed at being Madonna?
If you want to put it this way, I believe I have failed at becoming Britain's greatest tribute act. I have succeeded at getting myself to live my dream. My dream is to perform, shine and empower. make this world a happier place leading by good example. My dream is to be real.

You are said to be very competitive. How was it loosing against your fellow contestant?

Siam is very talented and deserves every great opportunity. I am happy for her to go through. I am a good looser. I have practised.
To me, it's not her or me, the lord works in mysterious ways. Siam keeps telling me " girl you're going places, you really are" I agree- and so is she.
I trust it happened at the right time for me- Staying means working on perfecting Madonna. Going home means getting cracking on being Evelyne.

How hard is it to be voted out by your fellow contestants?
we have bonded really well so it's excruciating for all of us- this is the worst part for us and it makes great TV. the votes are based on performance- in the studio, you can hardly hear the head set microphones- would you vote for a performance you didn't hear? I wouldn't. I don't blame them and plus I think Siam is wonderful! She deserves this, too!

How hard is it to be Madonna?
If you are Madonna possibly quite hard at times but very rewarding. For me, this was about acting and paying tribute to Madonna. She is a challenging person to perform as. I don't want to be her, I want to learn from her. It's been interesting to watch people confusing what's what, they say I was in character the whole time...well, I was in my character most of the time and added some extra Madge. But in this sort of programme the lines are becoming more fluid. It's good fun to develop the Madonna in me though.

Which part of the show did you enjoy the least?
I found it really hard to say things they wanted to hear like how are you feeling now? how exited are you? How important is this, what does this mean to you? I think a little differently in the way that I don't talk much in emotional words though I am very emotional and I feel a lot- I don't like describing feelings when I am not sure what they are yet. after a session, I often feel tired and grateful, satisfied. it's like being asked after dinner what do you think about food? I am happy just want to nap now thanks. we can talk about it over coffee sometime.

I don't like talking wishy washy yet I have learned that people get to know you better if you explain what you are going through emotionally. I am a bit of a get on with it type- moving on swiftly rather than indulging in the " this is what I am going through now" part. I hope it doesn't make me come across cold- it's simply a different approach. My feelings are very private to me and I like to share them after I have evaluated them. I need that extra bit of time.

What's next for you?
Someone said backstage that I was really good at doing Madonna but there was something about Evelyne he wished the world would get to see. that was my wake up call. It's time to unleash the Brink. I want to continue the work with the coaches on my own music and then let myself loose to spread some passion and empowerment. I would love if Madonna got behind me and support the lyrical pop I am creating.
Performing and public speaking opportunities are coming my way. Combining confidence building coaching and music is the big thing for me.
I like the cameras and the dressing up bit- how about some more lookalike/modelling/ film work? bring it on!

Are you going back to your office?
I believe in taking opportunities and creating your own luck. I am in a good position to move forward in my music and coaching career but there is a big difference between jumping out of a plane and jumping without a parachute.

Do you ever give simple yes and no answers?
only Mondays and Wednesdays between 9am and 11:30.

Do you think being German was an added challenge?
I am sure being German is a challenge- try it if you get a chance! If you mean regarding votes, it's up to the whoever has a challenge grow out of it.. a third generation survivor jew, I speak from personal experience.

Have you enjoyed the experience?
It's been an amazing and challenging time for me. I have had a crash course in media, performing, camera technique, great coaching and the best costumes and makeup.I made great new friends. I absolutely loved that. it's hard work- it's pressure, I am so grateful for this great start to the year.

Friday, January 11, 2008

a tribute to my Granddad

It never comes at the right time. Yet this was possibly the best time for my granddad die.

I had my profile filming last night and was going through pictures of times gone by, as my tears rolled down my cheeks. they asked me: why are you crying? I said, oh my granddad is 98 and I just don't know how much longer he will be here. I visited him on Christmas along with my mum, sister and my partner.
This morning I put on my black outfit- I don't wear a lot of black. today I did.
And at 11:22 I had a message. Papy ( that's how we called him) has just fallen asleep. kisses, Mum.

I screamed and cried. I loved my granddad. He was so special to me. He was the funniest and most serious man I know- he 's the man who paid for my piano lessons as a kid and got me to the theatre...( ok and he dragged me to way too many museums)

when we visted him, he asked Thomas about Greenland's dependance on Denmark and weather they had their own stamps.
He would lecture about the main industries of Malaysia, world history and of course the history of the church. He knew sooo much!
I still don't, because I keep thinking: how on earth does he keep all this information in his head?

He had a good time when we were there and my sisters invention of creme cointreau, a sweet desert tastefully disguising the protein powder was the last thing he insisted of eating.

Walter Oppenheim was a diplomat who was responsible for paying out compensation money to the Jewish people on behalf of the German government after world war 2. He was of Jewish origin, having survived working camps and imprisonment.

It must have taken some guts to work for the German government after the war. The way he saw it was that the real Germans weren't in the country when Hitler took over.
He set a good example of what it means to be German. He was very cultured, intelligent, curious and would get out of his own way to help others.

I think of him as an inspiration.

Tomorrow is my first live performance on THE ONE AND ONLY. I am dedicating it to my granddad.

Thank you for your support and good wishes.