Monday, April 21, 2008

The slowest marathon runner and his Celebrity doubles

This Sunday, Greg finished the London marathon after 8 days and nights. Unbelievable but true, this man has been slow dancing through London to raise money and awareness for children charity "get kids going" so that they can supply wheelchairs for disabled kids. He says these kids have a slow life and compared to that being slow for 8 days was a little task... well I can only say: WOW.
what a cool guy, what a great idea, what a great way to do it.
On the left you see Madonna lookalike Evelyne Brink and Tom Jones tribute Ian Scott.

So yesterday, some of UK's top lookalikes gathered to meet him and dance him though the last stages of the marathon. We had Derek Williams as Sven Erikson, Ian Scott as Tom Jones, a cool Elvis and me of course.

We even got our faces on the BBC news at 6:30. Slowmo Greg and me dancing through the finishing line.

Below are videos of the event. Enjoy.

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