Friday, January 30, 2009

Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink in Mexico

I am so blessed. This month finds me on tour in Mexico and Honduras. First off Merida, Mexico. If you want to meet really nice people, eat great food and have an unforgettable time, Merida is your place. Be sure to go to classix fm, where the music plays and the night turns to day.
I am performing there 4 nights with my bailarins charissimos.

The owners are super nice. My backstage room is amazing.

I get the full star treatment from flowers to fruit basket, from personal assistant to autograph cards. Press conference, news, newspapers...Interviews, photo calls. Invites to family meals, hotel with swimming pool, sight seeing. THey are amaaaaazing here. Simply making this the time of my life. The audience is made up of happy people who like live show and hard chore Madonnna fans who travel the world to seet the Queen of Pop. To me that is the ultimate test. If they like me, I did a good job. But chances are a Madonna fan knows every difference between me and the Queen. I am thrilled to say I have been asked for autographs from these superfans and the showers of compliments feel like rain in the desert to me. Such a relief. Everytime...I must admit. It´s not the easiest job to impersonate Madonna. there are easier things to do. BUt it´s sooooooooo rewarding. Bringing madonna to the people so to speak. I know I am not Madonna. I just think I am.
We had pyrotechnics last night and they looked great and then nearly gassed us! we all ran out backstage to gasp for air. But I had to come back for my enchore...Hanky Panky in stinky stinky. The sound is great, the lights are great. I cannot praise this set up enough. I work wiht 3 different microphones. A wireless one, a retro one on stand and the iconic head set. How freaking cool is that...
My dancers are lovely and my personal assistant a star.

She is wonderful. We spend a lot of time together having fun and then she gets to run around and bring me things, find out stuff, drive me and spoil me rotten. I absolutely love it. This mornign I overslept as my alarm didn´t go off. She picked me up and we had to get me ready in no time. Lizzy gets the iron, irons my trousers and we make it. Lizzy takes me shopping and for tea. I don´t know how I lived without Lizzy before.

It´s great. Today she got to translate the parts I didn´t understand in the press interview. I speak spanish as much as I can. I absolutely love it and what I don´t understand, Lizzy gets to help. She is invaluable.

Ricardo and Alex own Classix FM, the coolest dig in town, they are the nicest people. Can everyone please learn from these guys?
Alex is a musician and such a pro. Things are being done right. We understand each other , even if we didn´t speak the language, we are on the same page. Nothing is a hassle. We like to create great shows so we do. He gets the lights, the mics, the effects, the sound...I do the performing. His word is gospel and he knows what he is talking about.
Ricardo owns other restaurants as well, he knows the business. He is an amazing leader. People forget the big gurus, learn from Ricardo. His family has 27 Messina restaurants between them, they have grown an empire and they work together. Name me anyone who can work with their brothers and sister and parents and be that successful and that nice and that relaxed. Incredible. wonderful.

I love spending time with these people. He got the entire staff up to meet me. that is how you show respect to everyone. We are a team, all of us. I love that. He treats people nicely. Everyone respects him for the right reasons. The pan grande is a good pan.
Everyone has a family here. It´s brilliant. I want one!!
So I had the children of the pueblo come to me and adopted them...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Madonna Lookalike Evelyne goes funny

I am so exited, as my Madonna life is taking its twist and turn into Comedy. Madonna Comedy, that's a new combination...It's wonderful to play straight tribute to the Queen of Pop of course. I love it and I respect it. This year is time to go over the Brink and unleash my own world. Hence I created a parody on Madonna-
check it out on youtube! I will also be on the stand up scene starting the 14th January at Comedy Brouhaha in Vauxhall, then 19th in Balham etc. If you want to get notified where and when to see me live please sign up below.
For nwo enjoy Mad-on-a BRink!