Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Madonna

Madonna is turning 50 on the 16th August 2008! Happy Birthday Madge!
The govenour is turning 50- celebrate!!
How amazing is she these days? I was asked to get onto BBC breakfast this morning, ended up on BBC radio Birmingham and BBC radio 3 counties to talk about Madge, if I think she is too old now, if she is loosing her Vogue and what it means to be Madonna.

We live in a crazy world in which we assume that to be a great singer and performer you must be young and beautiful.

I understand we like young and beautiful people, but the human voice and in fact skills develop with practice and experience over time!
So she is much richer in all senses now that she was.
Madonna is amazing at 50- rarely if ever have we seen anyone like her and that is inspiring finally not only for teenagers but for the grown up generation as well.

And trust me we need it after 30 or 40
Finally someone who shows us that life isn't over at 29!

We need it! I need it. I have been feeling "getting too old" since I was 22! Now that might sound crazy to you but when you apply to acting schools who take on people between 18 and 23- you are running out of time.
Then doing pop music at 23, 24- you are old because a young act is usually between 17 and 21. Well Madonna was 25 when she finally broke through and in those days that was very old!

This world is crazy!
The big 30 is just big because of our lifestyles of burning candles both ends, doing silly "young" things that our society sees as cool such as destroying our braincells with substances, loud music and little sleep and when we come to our senses we think we are getting old.

Madonna sets a great example for us to see that hard work does pay out, that discipline goes a long way and the right team is vital to run an empire.
I am glad she's around to show this young obsessed society that age is not defined by years but by mental attitude.

My granddad- I have written about him before- left us at the age of 98. I remember going on the bus to the airport with him when he was 90 and he wouldn't take a seat. I said: granddad sit down- he replied: I am not that old!

That's the spirit! Stop whining about age and start living life. We had a big hit in Germany called "life really begins at 66"

People of this world, let's celebrate life. It's Madonna's birthday, we are alive and kicking and the queen of pop is wearing her crown proudly.

I am at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival living my dream, performing in co-written show THE GURU. Stretching my Madonna impersonator profile into Musical Comedy. THat's where I am this space for my one woman show MadOnA Brink coming up soon.

IF you want to celebrate Madonna's birthday in style with a tribute performance, please contact my team on!

Best wishes