Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink's Photographer of praise

In this wonderful job that I am in I have the honour of meeting some extraordinary people. I would like to introduce to you miracleworker, creator of dreams- Mr. Gary Coulson. Not only is the man an award-winning Photographer, he is a darling and kind hearted superhero. Check out what he's done on his website Below you will see pictures by Gary- with make up and hair by Sarah Swaine.
I love the way Gary works with the light and his professional and generous personality make it a delight to work with him. I really enjoyed it and I can only recommend working with him. Madonna Tribute Evelyne Brink loves new pictures especially when they are of this quality. Gary is amaaaazing, if he can do this for me, think about what he can do for you!!

The works of his session will be in my new upgraded website soon! One step at a time. First I would like to share a few of the pictures here.
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