Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas from Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink

A very merry Christmas to youuuuu
I hope this year was good for you. I had a lot of exitement and changes. I stopped the office job, went on national TV, became Uk's One and only Madonna, did shows around the globe.
Got confused about what to do next, started the inspiration experiment where I let myself be guided through inspiration. You can see it on www.inspirationexperiment.blogpsot.com.
From there I got inspired to work with Steve Trister on Edinburgh show THE GURU, which previewed at the Hippodrome and went to the Underbelly in Edinburgh. From there I decided to write my own show and started working on music parodies. You can hear them on www.myspace.com/madonabrink.

The project Mad-on-a Brink lead to write my plans for my own company...from there I am pulling together a fabolous team and started writing stand up comedy again.
Next year you can see Madonna-sor of live on stage in a comedy club near you, working the material, girl!!
I am looking for investment to create the full show and take it to Edinburgh in August. From there I would love to perform internationally i.e. Germany, US , you name it. The humour is international...
In the meantime I continue my life as Madonna-sort of, enjoying my Y-lister status at Celeb Bashes, the limosines, the drinks I don't usually have many of, the photos and the shows.
I am looking forward to a plethora of corporate bookings! ( Yes book Madonna Tribute Evelyne Brink now) as I cost only a fraction of the price of the real Madonna and I sing live. :-)
International corporate events are my main market as a Madonna tribute show can turn any event into a party in 3 minutes flat. People are dancing and singing along- there aren't many acts who bring together the generations as Madonna tribute.
Please forgive me if I mention my own name over and over, it's a Google thing. They cand find me better if I blow my own horn such as saying
Madonna Tribute Evelyne Brink works internationally for corporate events.
Lucky I don't impersonate someone really humble. That would look awkward. But as a Madonna Lookalike, I guess I can afford to go over board. :-)
Anyway, I would love to wish you a wonderful new year and please don't be shy to get in touch. Write us a comment or tell us your least favourite Madonna song. ( I know all the favourites)
And if you would like to hear more about live performances either Madonna or Mad-on-a Brink,
check this out:

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