Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Building a new website

I remember 1998 my dad said: why don’t you get a computer that you can record your music with? And I freaked inside. Life was confusing enough as it was- training and practising and trying to get sleep between long and strenuous uni hours. ( University for performing arts had us going from 9am to 10pm

It was only in 2001 that I decided I needed to learn how to use a computer properly because as a one woman band, I just needed to get on with it. At that time I had sooo much resistance to it, the mere thought of it made me feel queasy.
I had started teaching singing and funny enough a young man came to me who loved to have lessons and claimed he couldn’t pay for it.
I asked him what he did for living. Teaching computing and IT.
What a great coincidence ( If you believe in such things). We exchanged lessons. Singing for computing.
He was brilliant as he massaged my shoulders when I got tense- and before we got started. And it was necessary- just looking at a computer brought my breathing out of its well-trained rhythm.

With plenty of patience and some really cool thinking processes I learned to find my way around it.
I learned that he didn’t know all about how to deal with a computer or a program himself but he could find out in minutes.

That was fascinating. It was just the mindset of asking the right question I needed to learn which enabled me to figure out how things work in a playful way!

This mindset is powerful-it’s what we train in with NLP and coaching. Becoming curious is the basic for understanding. Being open and willing to explore brings the fun and the learning.

I love looking back like this because now lots of people ask me how to do stuff on the computer. In my jobs, if you don’t know how to get rid of a formatting or something’s gone funny in excel- just ask Evelyne.
How things change!!

I can figure things out quickly even if I have no clue when I start. And I love it!

I was heavily involved in building my website, so I could learn.
And that’s 5 years ago now and so much has changed!

My act has improved and I have changed and I started putting stuff on the site until it looked grotesque. Because to be honest, I haven’t spent that much time on learning website programming and designing. I still prefer the limelight….

So I have decided to get a new site.

And all my breathing exercises and stress management techniques really come back into play when it’s down to
Meta tags and texts and contact boxes and video uploads and photo sending
For now I know that tonight I will be naming endless pictures so that they can be found by the web spiders and I will be converting video formats to MPEG4. Just finding out about that was at least a day.

One year ago I didn’t even have videos! It’s last December that I produced the show in London, got it filmed…
I edited it- long live the apple mac! I learned to edit it. Necessity is the mother of all invention. Pay £500 or learn to do it yourself.

And here we are now. Funny I started out writing this thinking I could winge about the process but I feel strangely inspired to get on with it.

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