Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Be yourself...you never know who you become

Madonna Impersonator Evelyne Brink about how coming into her own brought her to the Queen of Pop

I am passionate about personal development. I am so glad that there is an entire field devoted to helping you (or me for that matter) to become more of who I am, can be, want to be...

I always knew I was going to be famous one day- and to some people this may sound strange, but that won't change the facts. I was dealing with "how to deal with fame" from the age of 5. People around me said I was going to be an actress and for many years to come, this was going to be my path though after seeing Astrid Lindgren, the author of my favorite books such as pipi longstocking, ronja, momo, I thought of becoming an author one day. I admired book authors because to write a book, you must be incredibly intelligent and know so much.

As I got more into singing, I started reading many a pop star's biography, even Victoria Beckhams... and of found out that I really didn't want to be like them, ( I like Victoria's style of clothes though).I didn't want to put myself through the ordeals and pressures, I disliked what they wrote about the industry.

Growing up in a world of hopes and promises, it was tempting to spend more time in the "what could be" than the "what actually is". Well the "what is" was a constant "let's try again" and "what next?" and "will I ever pay my bills this way?" and " so when am I going to be famous and HOW?"

I had a fair few health challenges- nothing dramatically major for the press (or myself for that matter) to make great stories about, just small and nagging, enough to keep me out of the game and to think that maybe this whole getting famous thing wasn't for me anyway because my body wouldn't keep up and it's not what you think it is anyway and and and.

To be happy with the everyday reality is the greatest achievement in my eyes. If you can be happy and fulfilled on a day to day basis, then whatever turns out to happen is a bonus and chances are you have a very happy and fulfilled life.

It took me a while to realize that happiness and wordly success are two different things. For years i have clung to the belief that success brings happiness. It brings excitement. and it brings a kick. Happiness is not the same. Kicks and excitement have addictive qualities especially for those who confuse them with happiness and hence grow to need them.

What kind of a life is it to run after the next fix of excitement, money, applause, or whatever else...?

I prefer a life that is happy and fulfilled, meaningful and balanced, where I am at the centre- and I am talking me as a person, not necessarily me as a product or brand.

I have engaged in many ways of nurturing myself understanding that to live the life of my dreams it was crucial to live my life first rather than wait for a dream to happen. Dreams are great for direction and inspiration. And you know what they say about them coming true...sometimes...just keep going. It's like a marathon runner can run for the goal or he can run (because he or she loves it) and let the goal come to him.

These days the NLP and coaching world is my preferred playground, social entrepreneurship fascinates me, the idea that we as entrepreneurs can create the change we long for in the world and end world poverty with our ideas and cashflow.
That stuff inspires me and I want to be part of that. so I am.

I started working as a Madonna tribute after auditioning for a new agency and they took me on, organized the first photoshoot and backing tracks for me.

From there I later created my website and put on a show and made a video that I sent out to other agents. It didn't work out at all- I spent soooo much on producting the demo but of course that was still the cheapest option available and the quality is atrocious. I would always recommend now to take your time with this and make sure you have the right venue, the right dancers, the right producers.

I felt I had to go with what I could get because I didn't have the money. But the fact is that you can only get the money if you have something to show for yourself.
And the bad video cost me, too!! Not only in cash but in anger, frustration, not getting further, time.

Anyway I have developed myself and I have developed my Madonna lookalike act, to me that went hand in hand.

For me it is very very important to be comfortable in my own skin. That's what I've got and that's what I live from. It's the foundation of anything else. The advantage is when you can be happy just as you are, the pressure subsides as to what you "should" be doing next and you tend to believe much less in all the fantastic advice of strangers, relatives and well meaning friends.

The more needy you are, the easier it is to be sold on a dream, on anything really because good sales people know how to get your pain out and that equals their profit.
It's great for consumerism to have people with plenty of needs and as our material needs are often covered, emotional needs do just as well.

The greatest investment I have made is the investment in myself. And that is through time, attention, courses, various therapeutic approaches.
And here we are now, I am happy in myself, I love working out for myself and I love my quiet times. I love showing off, I love doing Madonna shows and living the instant superstar experience.

I write my music. I believe my time is now.
Good to meet you. Have you listened to my songs yet?
check them out on www.myspace.com/divaevemusic

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