Sunday, November 11, 2007

Me, Madonna and I

It wasn't my idea. I must admit. It started when I was 15- I was an exchange student in the US, my host family took me to Florida and the boys at the beach whistled: hey you look like Madonna.

I thought it was a joke.

When I moved to NY, people turned heads and said: oh my God, you look like Madonna! You know she lived here in this area.

(picture above is the real Madonna, all other pictures are me...)

I knew 1 person when I moved to the big apple. A friend of my mum's friend friend. I arrived in town with 2 suitcases and a key in my hand. I had gotten the keys 3 days before departure. My mum's friend has a friend who has a flat he didn't use at the time.
He happened to be in frankfurt at the time and I got his flat. It was a miracle.
His friend lived in the music building. That's where Madonna had her first management.

And that's where I went to get my duvets and pillows. My flat had 2 rooms. 1 with stuff piled form the floor to the ceiling. I am not kidding.
the other one empty with gates in front to the window.My feather boa made it look a little nicer.

I will tell my NY story another time. suffice it to say I learned that Madonna and I had a few things in common. I turned up in the same area as her, my attitude reminded people of her, my voice reminded of her and my looks.

Cool, I thought, maybe I can also have a similar success?

I was also in love with an english man, a personal trainer. Madonna has her first child, Lourdes with a personal trainer, then married English film director Guy Richie.
I promise you, it's independent of her. We have a very different taste in men ( sorry Guy)
Funny enough though, when I moved to London, the first manb I dated was a Guy named Richie...

Madonna means "mother of all spiritual"
Evelyne (little Eve) means: "mother of all material"

These are my accounts of the wacky life as a Madonna look and soundalike.

Be yourself, I say, you never know who you become

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