Thursday, December 6, 2007

Madonna, Me and the kids

Madonna has adopted baby David Bhanda and when I had a gig at Meadowhall as a walkabout, I was wondering if I could get myself a kid as well.

Whereas Madonna has to go through a huge ordeal of proving that she will be a good mum, signing endless papers, getting criticized in the press and all the rest, I decided to go for the more direct route and just ask some parents if I could have their kids.

I must admit I was quite surprised at the amount of times the response was: yeah definitely you can have him/her.

I will be honest with you- I didn’t take any kids home. Honest. I left it at a quick cuddle and photo. I gave all the kids back. I promise I did.

One day I want kids of my own. Kids are great! Full of energy and wit, mischief and up for trouble.

Kids who will scooter with me and build kites and go bike riding and play with all the toys Hamleys have on display…

Who will throw cake dough back at me and put paint on the wall where it shouldn’t be. When Daddy comes home, we can all look oh so innocent all together now.

But first, I want to travel the world, performing and bringing the essence of confidence and cool to you…

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