Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink in Merida

Ok now the real lowdown. I am working at Classix FM
which is a super cool bar/restaurant playing the greatest hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. Very cool design, amazingly nice people running it and working in it. They provide special entertainment and hence flew me in from London to perform. I have 3 dancers and a personal assistant. My backstage area is brand new and got customised to my wishes. You will notice clothes hangers in the pictures, these were put up just for me. :-) Hence they get to stay in the picture. Alejandro is a musician and marketing man, he really knows his stuff when it comes to music and promotion and ideas and design and and and. Ricardo, his business partner is best known for the award winning family pizza business Messinas and is the business brain.
My first day consisted of press conference and rehearsals with the dancers with radio interview in the afternoon.

I was on Kiss Fm. Todo el mundo escucha Kiss Fm. And in various publications. Here is an online announcement.

Alex had secured sponsoring deals i.e from Hotel Mision in which I stayed and which I will highly recommend especially for its friendly staff. Apart from clean rooms and pleasant surroundings of course. IF you ever travel to Merida, I am sure they will do a good job making you feel comfortable, too. Merida is great to see many intersting Mexican sights from. Mayan Ruins, cenotes, museums and enjoy a city that is used to tourism but not built on it.

I spoke Spanish and English at the conference. Of course I said some things wrong. I love it. I wanted to refer to Ricardo as the big cheese, so I called him the queso grande. He advised me that "pan grande" would be the correct translation. I found out later that queso in Mexico is used to refer to a woman's private part. So I just called the boss a big pussy!
One for the press. So just in case you wondered why I would be featured in the news.

More press conferences please! Sooo much fun. And hence very motivating to learn the languages. Apparently my spanish is very good. But please speak slowly and keep being that polite! If someone spoke English in London the way I speak Spanish, I don't think people would be as patient. But they really appreciated my efforts.

I also had autograph cards printed and got to sign them after the shows. They really did their thing well. It was something for the Brits to learn from. No offence, but WOW!
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isabelle gregson said...

Hey Evelyne,

So glad to see you going from strength to strength. Have fun and let me know when you're back in London!!! xxx, isabelle