Monday, December 21, 2009

12 days of Christmas...a modern adaptation

It's that time of the year again!
We sing Christmas songs and we are all very very happy. Or maybe not?
Check out my take on the 12 days of Crimbo. PS: my wishlist is below


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Edinburgh 09 Evelyne Brink is: Almost Like a Virgin

Madonna Impersonator Evelyne Brink
is performing at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009. Her show "Almost Like a Virgin" will be at the Pleasance Ace Dome 7:50 pm from 5th August to the 31st 2009
You can buy tickets online

Evelyne Brink, the UK’s premiere Madonna impersonator and star of BBC’s
the One and Only, reveals all about the extraordinary life of mimicking Madge.
Featuring original songs, classic tracks from Material Girl to American Life,
and delightful insights into the real life of a fake Madonna.
Directed by Sarah Chew. Choreographed by Robbie O’Reilly. Designed
by Mia Flodquist.

'A voice that leaves goose-pimples... should soar into the billboard charts' Bild Zeitung

'Britain’s number one Madonna impersonator' Scotsman |

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Madonna nude photos

Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink hired to open Impromptu Exhibition

Did Madonna think she'd see her nude pictures again when she did the shoot in 1979?
They are beautiful shots of a young dancer, sensitive and very natural, the hair style was certainly different from today's shaven privacy- it must be said that her breasts look absolutely amazing in the pictures- no surgery can do that! these nudes have a very wild and natural feel...some of them show Madonna stroking a puss- a cat that is. What were you thinking?

The Madonna Nudes Exhibition runs from Thursday 2nd – Sunday 19th July 2009 at Impure Art, 19 Earlham Street, Seven Dials. The exhibition is free to attend.

This is the first time ever that I earned more than Madonna for a photoshoot.
Madonna made $30 for her nudes. I got more being fully clothed. A rare obscurity in the career of an impersonator!

You can see me on German TV Magazine Brisant (hey it's not what you think)

If you would like Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink to spice up your event, please contact the office on

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Madonna Lookalike from Cancun to Honduras

The last 3 days I spent at the GR Solaris in Cancun. I had a great time!
Thank you Ricardo, Erika, Lissie, everyone who made this possible.
Thank you

This morning in Cancun started a little rough with me slipping on the marble floor probably thanks to the clubbers spilling some fluids of unknown nature. I fell but nothing really happened thank God, the wrist hurt a while but moves fine but at 5am it wakes you up that little bit..

The taxi was on time and the driver lovely.

I got the airport on time. There were 2 airlines going to Mexico. I got in the cue for the right one.
Then we were told Mexico city had fog.
So we were 1.5 horus delayed or so. I don´t really remember as I curled up and slept like someone who partied one night and had 4 hours of interrupted sleep (did the alarm ring?) the next one...oh and the most amount of alcohol ever consumed. I topped myself yesterday with 4 cocktails in a day.

Never slept so well on a plane!

To explain a bit...I was in a luxury 5star resort with all inclusive and basically that meant life at the pool and beach sipping cocktails and when the wind blew to hard, relocating into the jacouzi. It´s tough for some. Cancun has turquoise water and white sand like on the posters we had in our bedroom.

Lissie, my personal assistant and me hit the night life as well where we went to coco bongo, the biggest night club wiht a vegas type show. It was awesome. especially the aerial acts playing scenes from spiderman wiht the costumes, the green gobin and glider...they were flying through the club on a harness, it was fantastic. they had screens as big as a proper sized cinema on whihc you saw the movie and-or the scene taking place. spectacular. The impersonators didn´t sing live and I am happy to report Madonna didn´t look at all like Madonna. And that some people from the club had travelled all the way to Merida to check out the show.

aaaaaaaaaanyway. we had a great night and got picked to dance on the platform upstairs between the movie screens which were filming us simultaneously. Ok I had a good time!!

Then I had a day on my own in the hotel and chilled out, walking for hours in the sand, sipping more cocktails and enjoying writing a new song and chatting to people, eating tropical food and seeing a great show.
this mornign I got up and out at 4:45am sooooo I was awake until I sat down in the plane and then booom. Out like a light bulb.

In Mexico city after being chatted up by the armed police guy and after 3 times being told the wrong gate number...I made it to the right gate. connecting flight to honduras. It was the last one of the airport! Like a movie. the last on the left. I couln´t find my flight on the boards which was slightly alarming. So I went straight up to the lady to check with her, is this the counter for Honduras?
the lady took her pager: hola tengo un passagero!!! Hay una mas! ( I have a passenger here, one more passenger, hello! stop the bus)
The bus outside stopped she said: run!!

I did. Bueno. I thought everyone was delayed due to the ¨´fock¨´ (as they called it on the plane) but apparently with different times. I had not spent a second wasting time on the way.
I got the plane.that´s the most important. there is only one flight a day. I curled up again for more snooze.
I woke up for the peanuts with lime. I don´t miss out on any lime...
Anyway, they picked me up here in Honduras. Very nice all good and we waited for the suitcase.
and waited. and waited.
Well, you see, I had made it rather quickly from one plane to the other but my suitcase hadn´t....
tomorrow it should be with me.
I am calm about it, the airport is small, the suitcase was labelled and the circumstances quite clear. Thank God again I arrive 2 days prior to the show.

I am being taken care of, the lounge is lovely and I got the best excuse to go shopping.
I know that often the 'I don´t have anything to wear' wont wash but this time it was actually true!

I already had 2 incredible meals and the weather is just like I love it. warm and humid. I am happy. I am in a valley here in San Pedro Sula. They showed me more pictures of the Bay Islands. Don´t google Roatan. don´t. whatever you do, do not google Roatan.
It´s like the tropical paradise we all dream of. I am sooooooooooo going.
I love this life. I had no idea how amazing central america is. My spanish is improving at lightening speed. I love it here. soooo much.

I am going to hit the pillows of my very big bed. Not literally. Laterally.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Madonna Tribute Evelyne Brink loving Classix FM

I am having a good time here at classix.
I love they have big posters outside just like we like it!

I will add the papers as well. There are new videos beign taken, the whole shebang!!

Meanwhile my offstage adventures are lovely as well.. Cenotes, Mayan Ruins, wonderful company and sunshine...See for yourself.

Cenotes are underground waterholes in limestone. They exist in Yucatan mainly...amaaazing wonders of this world.

You have to go climb seen below

alternatively climb up a pyramid...whatever floats your boat!

Or visit a real mexican restaurant with your personal assitant´s family. They maya man in white is her grandad! The sweetest man in the world who speaks english, spanish, frech, german and EUROPEAN.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Madonna Lookalike Evelyne Brink in Merida

Ok now the real lowdown. I am working at Classix FM
which is a super cool bar/restaurant playing the greatest hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. Very cool design, amazingly nice people running it and working in it. They provide special entertainment and hence flew me in from London to perform. I have 3 dancers and a personal assistant. My backstage area is brand new and got customised to my wishes. You will notice clothes hangers in the pictures, these were put up just for me. :-) Hence they get to stay in the picture. Alejandro is a musician and marketing man, he really knows his stuff when it comes to music and promotion and ideas and design and and and. Ricardo, his business partner is best known for the award winning family pizza business Messinas and is the business brain.
My first day consisted of press conference and rehearsals with the dancers with radio interview in the afternoon.

I was on Kiss Fm. Todo el mundo escucha Kiss Fm. And in various publications. Here is an online announcement.

Alex had secured sponsoring deals i.e from Hotel Mision in which I stayed and which I will highly recommend especially for its friendly staff. Apart from clean rooms and pleasant surroundings of course. IF you ever travel to Merida, I am sure they will do a good job making you feel comfortable, too. Merida is great to see many intersting Mexican sights from. Mayan Ruins, cenotes, museums and enjoy a city that is used to tourism but not built on it.

I spoke Spanish and English at the conference. Of course I said some things wrong. I love it. I wanted to refer to Ricardo as the big cheese, so I called him the queso grande. He advised me that "pan grande" would be the correct translation. I found out later that queso in Mexico is used to refer to a woman's private part. So I just called the boss a big pussy!
One for the press. So just in case you wondered why I would be featured in the news.

More press conferences please! Sooo much fun. And hence very motivating to learn the languages. Apparently my spanish is very good. But please speak slowly and keep being that polite! If someone spoke English in London the way I speak Spanish, I don't think people would be as patient. But they really appreciated my efforts.

I also had autograph cards printed and got to sign them after the shows. They really did their thing well. It was something for the Brits to learn from. No offence, but WOW!
Please visit to contact me, for booking information and videos.